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Intro Page

The Godstocksa Vision?

In 1969, a spiritual battle began, half a million young people gathered together to express themselves through Music, Sex, and Drugs. America unwittingly opened the door to REBELLION, a curse that now pledges the youth and our society of this GENERATION. In 1997 Bob Jones: a prophet brought forth a prophetic word that a spiritual Woodstock was coming to San Antonio, Texas.?Just like Woodstock, there will be hundreds of thousands of young people gathering together to worship God.?The words went on to say that these kids would praise God in a no holds barred type of way.?They would not be ashamed of their worship unto God in any way.

The Purpose of the Event

* To encourage this generation to participate with their talents of
Music, Dance, Drama, etc.
* To built leaders by the power of this vision and modeling the way
* To develop personal growth by empowering the youth through training
* To capitalize on the strength of ethnic diversity and teamwork
* To have no fear in going out of the four walls to minister and
proclaim it to the nations. Leaving a legacy of hope and promise for future generations!

The Mission

The time for this curse to end has come! God has repaired the doors to the temple, and He is calling for the Levites (musicians) to gather and burn incense (worship) before Him.?We invite the Holy Spirit to bring the entire radical youth population to worship together. . Breaking the curse!?Through Pure Freedom Worship Expressed!